Meet Carolyn

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Carolyn Amirr runs her own skincare business, selling Rodan+Fields (R+F) products. This high-end line of products solves individual’s skincare needs, such as reducing dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes, reversing sun damage, soothing eczema, combatting acne, and even improving appearance of longer, thicker eyelashes. R+F empowers women (and some men) to run their own business, providing all the tools, products, and support to successfully build income.

We asked Carolyn to tell the Tribute community a bit more about her, and why she choose to start her side hustle.

How old are you?

Where were you raised?
I was born in Bellevue, WA and have been living in Seattle area my entire life.

What you want to be known for?
For being brave enough to manage my own small business and tackling something completely out of my comfort zone. I also want people to be known for being an authentic person, someone that speaks from the heart and cares for others.

What made you decide to start your venture?
Tell us about YOUR WHY.  I have a job I love working in Finance at Microsoft. So why did I decide to start running my own skincare business selling Rodan+Fields (R+F) products? Because it's EXPENSIVE to live in Seattle and everyone needs a side hustle! Lol!  And I truly LOVE the products and the results I've seen with my skin and eyelashes, so why not share that love with my friends and family? And getting a deeper discount on products doesn't hurt, either :)

Those were the initial reasons I joined R+F in April of this year. However, I have been reflecting more on this question, and I’ve concluded that I have a thirst to learn and grow, always changing jobs when it gets too easy. Getting an MBA just for fun (and how I met Sarah and so many other bright friends!). This is no different – I'm pushing myself in a new direction by learning about direct sales. It's super uncomfortable for me to ask friends and people I haven't talked to in 10+ years if I can introduce them to my skincare line and if they would purchase from me. And being hesitant to weave the company and products into conversations at parties and other social engagements. But the more I practice, the less uncomfortable it becomes, which is true in everything we do in life.  I’m also having a ton of fun learning how to utilize social media to market my products.

As I continue to grow my R+F skincare business, I'll begin hiring consultants of my own and have an opportunity to motivate and guide others. Most of my corporate roles have not allowed me the chance to have direct reports, so I can use this second job to practice people management skills and prepare me for future corporate roles where I have direct reports. It's important to me to become a great manager help others grow. I know that skill doesn't develop overnight, and I intend to use my R+F experience to aid in that practice. 

So why do I hustle my skincare line? Is it the extra money? Sure, that is wonderful. But it goes much deeper, using it to learn new skillsets, put myself in uncomfortable positions and consistently push myself to develop and grow. 

Did you leave a cozy Corporate job? Or start a side hustle?
This is a side hustle and a way to have a portion of my life where I’m the boss. Because who doesn’t want to be the one to make up the rules?

What inspires you to keep going when the going gets tough?
Rejection is tough. When I reach out to people and they don’t respond, or I spend a ton of time putting together a pitch and no one buys anything, it hurts. When this happens, I have a great mentor that helps me refocus and encourages me to stay positive. I try to reflect on what I can try differently the next time. And while there are down days, there are plenty of great days where I should place my focus instead of dwelling in the negativity.

And finally, we asked Carolyn to answer these three questions.

My favorite self-care routine is...
Washing my face! I love having 5 minutes of “me” time at the end of each day. As a mom of a 2 and 5-year-old, it’s nice to take some time to care for myself. I also love going to Pure Barre a couple times a week to help keep my mind and body happy.

The last book I read was…
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, a book my friend suggested for our book club.

My best advice to fellow female founder is... 
Don’t doubt yourself! You don’t need to be 100% confident to go for something, from speaking in a meeting to applying for a job. Be uncomfortable, push yourself to learn and grow. I always ask myself – what if I fail? What is the downside? I most often find there’s a much greater upside 😊

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