Finding the Courage to Follow your Path


Frustrated with my career and feeling “stuck,” one year ago I decided it was time to do the inner exploration work to find out what makes me truly passionate.

After much hard work and introspection, I had epiphany: What if turning towards the question I kept avoiding was the way to find the answers I’d been looking for? I comforted myself by saying I was simply allowing myself permission to explore. This didn’t mean I had to actually do anything. I didn’t have to make any big changes…yet.

I was living a cozy, comfortable life. I worked at Microsoft. I owned my own home, had world-class healthcare and enough money to be generous with my friends and family. But at some point, “having it all” simply isn’t enough. Finding your true purpose becomes more important.

As I sat down to write my thoughts that January morning, it hit me. All of my collective experiences, accomplishments, failures and successes has put me in a position to use my wisdom, wealth, power and privilege for good.

Many of us struggle to discover what makes us truly passionate. It’s hard work! But it’s the most courageous thing we can do. Why? Because once you know, you’ll be compelled to follow that path. You don’t have to have it all worked out. It’s okay not know some of the details. The Universe will start to unfold in ways you cannot imagine. Your network will show up. You’ll learn that new skill. You’ll do the things that scare you. You’ll leap and let the net appear.

While I’ve learned many things this past year, the most valuable is this: finding the courage to follow your path is the real work. The rest will always follow. Courage is the number one leadership skill needed today. You can’t study it, buy it or fake it. You can only develop it, over time, with a relentless dedication to finding your passion.

Moving forward, my passion is building Tribute into a company that totally reimagines mentorship. Creating a platform that helps all employees feel more inspired to use their stories and life experiences for good. To create a community of connection and transformation.

It’s been an amazing 12 months getting to where I am now. And I’m even more excited about the coming year. I don’t know exactly where my journey of passion is going to go—but I hope you’ll come with me!