Innovation is Not What we Think, it's How


“Innovation requires having at least three things: a great idea, the engineering talent to execute it, and the business savvy (plus deal-making moxie) to turn it into a successful product.” Walter Issacson


This week, I took advantage of the Seattle snow days to work on my presentation, “Redefining Professional Mentorship” for my 45-min session at the International Mentoring Association’s (IMA) 30th annual conference in Gainesville, FL on March 11-12th.

This is my first industry conference since founding Tribute. As I was going over my final outline, I found myself battling with imposter’s syndrome. I’ve presented hundreds of times in my career at Microsoft, but this is a very different, highly-academic space filled with people who have spent their entire careers designing mentorship programs.

I kept returning to the same thought, “What do I have to say?”

After struggling with this a bit, I realized I’m not founding Tribute because I'm an expert in all things mentorship.

I'm founding Tribute because the opportunity I see to redefine mentorship, is something I believe I'm uniquely capable of exploring. As an Anthropologist turned tech Product Marketer, I believe, now more than ever, we need to build mentorship solutions for the modern, digital world but root the mentoring experience in the ancient wisdom of storytelling.

I also have to trust that some of the best innovators in the digital revolution were women, like me, who had a great idea, the engineering talent to execute it, and the business savvy to turn it into a successful product.

And when in doubt? Find a mentor who is an expert in their field. I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Lisa Fain who is the CEO of the Center for Mentoring Excellence on an employee survey to learn more about today’s modern mentorship needs.

Lisa is one of the keynote speakers at the IMA conference this year. I’m humbled and honored to work with her. We’d love it if you took a few minutes to share your thoughts with us.