If you Build it, they will (not) Come

Tribute Board.jpg

Last weekend, Team Tribute gathered in the mountains for a retreat. We had a lot to celebrate with Tribute turning one, and the signing our first partnership agreement with the Women in Technology (WIT) Network

With momentum rising, we set the following goals for the next six months:

  • Continue to build customer demand 

  • Build our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and launch with the WIT Network 

  • Capitalize Tribute in order to quickly pivot from our MVP, expand our team, and meet customer demand

Behind each of these goals are action plans that span muliple disciplines; from product marketing to sales, customer research, product development, business planning, finance and operations.  

Ultimately, our success in the next six months will come from our ability to build customer demand. 

We've got the technical experience, delivery partner and oversight needed to build a great product.  If I've learned anything over the last decade working with world-class engineers, it is this---if you build it, they will not come.  Trust me, I launched Windows 8.

Building customer demand involves bringing your customers early into the product development phase. It also requires continually confronting our own bias, beliefs and ideas.  We've spent the better half of this past year interviewing our customers, learning more about the industry and confronting our own beliefs.

Today, I'm excited to share that we've created three product tiers for Tribute: Sponsor, Moderator and Manager.  We choose these tiers in order to deliver the best end user experience, and to reward companies who onboard more users by not charging them more. We differentiate our product offerings based on the level of low to high touch support (e.g. management, system integration) organizations need to be successful. 

I'm proud of the work this mighty team has accomplished. We're value-centered and mission-driven to make a difference, redefining mentorship one story at a time. 

Please download our product offering sheet and share it with interested colleagues, friends and family. We are offering a discount on the first year's annual subscription to early adopters who sign up in the next six months!