Finding your Tribe

Sam and Naomi.jpg

Sometimes we Find our Tribe in the most unexpected ways. I met Sam (left) and Naomi (right), co-founders of Find your Tribe, last Fall. I say we met by accident, but perhaps it was fate. I like to think there are no accidents in life.

Let me tell you the story.

I founded Tribute in January 2018. The name Tribute was created from the word Tribe, and Find your Tribe quickly became our tagline and web domain (.org).

Last Fall, I learned the hard way that words matter in the D&I space. I had fallen in love with our tagline, and everything that it represented. Finding your Tribe meant finding your sense of belonging and purpose through shared experiences.

It was the perfect tagline for a mentorship app that connects employees together through shared life experiences and stories. I quickly learned that it was going to be tough to operate in the D&I space with a tagline that could be considered offensive to Native or Indigenous populations.

I made the difficult decision to part ways with Find your Tribe, and re-established our business and brand with a new tagline. As part of this work, I forwarded our old web domain to a new one.

That’s when I got the email.

“Could we purchase your domain from you?”

When I learned more about Sam, Naomi and their mission with Find your Tribe, an Ottawa-based community and platform to advance women of color, I was overjoyed. Not only because I deeply believe in their mission, but because I was being given an opportunity to take an otherwise difficult decision, and use it to help someone else. “YES!” was my answer, “But I’m not letting you buy it. I’d be honored to ensure this domain is yours, for free.”

I let Sam and Naomi know that I’d need a few months to transition things over, but that the domain was theirs. Fast forward to today, I’m happy to announce that is now live, sharing the incredible story and mission of these two amazing women, whom I now consider part of my Tribe.

I couldn’t think of a more fitting Tribute to Sam and Naomi, and their mission to empower women of color in the workplace, than to pass this baton onto them.