Meet Daisy


Daisy Xie recently graduated from the University of Washington ready to launch her career as a Consulting Analyst at Accenture.

We interviewed Daisy to learn more about the greatest lesson she learned in college, what impact she hopes to make on the world, and her favorite self-care routine when the going gets rough.

Where did you go to college? What inspired you to go there?
University of Washington. Honestly, it was in-state tuition and familiar. In the beginning, I regretted my decision a lot, but my experience has blossomed so much as I’ve expanded my reach on campus, discovered what I love, and found my place.

How old are you?

Where were you raised?
I was raised in Sammamish and Bellevue, both suburbs of Seattle, Washington.

What is the greatest lesson you learned in college?
If you want it, go f**king get it.

What impact do you hope to make in the world?
I hope to utilize my platform and skills to educate, connect, and share the stories of underestimated communities. I hope to work towards redefining our culture to embrace our differences.

How can others help you launch successfully into your career?
I’d love to learn from more entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs! I’d love to gain a career mentor to help me tackle larger scale goals. I’d also love to learn more about someone who invested in a passion project that blossomed into their main career.

And finally, we asked Daisy to answer these three questions.

My favorite self-care routine is..
Getting a killer workout in, and then showering, doing a face mask, and wrapping myself in a blanket as I watch Netflix.

The last book I read was…
Brave, Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani.

My best advice for someone interested in mentoring college students today….
Listen and guide. Everyone is on their own path and just because it worked for you, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for others. Listen to what they’re interested in, struggling with, going through, etc., and guide them through their thoughts to help them figure out for themselves what their goals and aspirations are.

If you’d like to connect with Daisy, you can reach her on LinkedIn or Instagram.