What is Tribute?  

Tribute was born out of a desire to redefine mentorship. We empower individuals to create better connections through Shared Life Experiences™, while helping organizations create more diverse and inclusive workplaces.   We do this through a mobile-first Enterprise SaaS platform that radically redefines and improves mentorship for your company—and your employees. Harnessing the power of personal stories, Tribute creates authentic personal connection through Shared Life Experiences™, interests and goals.  

How do I download the app?  

Tribute is available in the iOS and Android App Stores.  Simply download and login with your organizations credentials.  If you have trouble logging in, contact your company administrator.  

How do I find a mentor? 

Browse to Home and scroll through stories that have been curated based on your profile setup preferences (i.e. Gender, Time zone).  To find a mentor based on Shared Life Experiences™ or Professional Skills, browse to the upper right hand corner and select the filter icon to select additional filters.  

How do I become a mentor?  

Tribute believes that everyone is a mentor from their own life experiences.  Hence, everyone on the platform is defaulted to a mentor.  That said, there are a few steps your can take to find the best connections.  First, ensure your Mentorship Summary is completed in your profile, indicating what you’re looking for in a mentee.  Second, ensure you’ve indicated which life experiences and professional skills you have.  Finally, ensure your story is compelling for what you have to offer as a mentor.   

What if I don’t want to mentor others?  

Tribute believes in reciprocity, and is designed to reward those who are mentoring others. While you cannot disable others from requesting mentorship from you, you can indicate in your Mentorship Summary that you’re only looking for a mentor at this time.   

Tell me more. How exactly does Tribute reward those who mentor others?  

Tribute provides a way for mentees to upvote their mentors on positive attributes like empathy, trustworthiness, patience, ect.  This information is then included in their public profile, as well as accessible by their employer as they are looking to identify high potential employees.  

Why are Mentorship engagements only 30 days?  

We believe that mentorship can be more efficient.  In many cases, we’re able to find the answer we need without engaging in a year long mentorship.  Whether you need a mentor for a moment or a lifetime, Tribute provides a way for you to choose the amount of time that is right for you, and your organization.  We also know that sometimes, despite our best efforts, it’s not a match.  In that case, we want to provide a comfortable and natural off-ramp for both parties.  

How can I provide feedback to my mentor?  

Browse to Mentorship and to your Mentors.  Scroll down to Completed mentor engagements and select “Provide Feedback.”  You can upvote your mentor for positive attributes like empathy, trustworthiness, ect which will appear publicly on their profile. You can also provide written feedback, which will be shared privately with your mentor.   

How can I extend a Mentorship?  

Browse to the Mentorship, and select “Request Extension” on the Mentors tab. This will send a request to your mentor for consideration.  If they accept, you’ll see your time reset to 30 days.  If not, the mentorship will conclude.   

How can I suggest improvements or provide feedback on the app?  

Browse to Profile, select the Settings gear in the upper right hand corner. Select “Edit Profile” then “Give Feedback.”  You may also submit feedback directly via email at support@tributementorship.zendesk.com.  

Profile Setup  

How do I access my Profile?  

Browse to Profile, select the Settings gear in the upper right hand corner. Select “Edit Profile”.    

How do I set my picture? 

Browse to Profile, select the Settings gear in the upper right hand corner. Select Edit Profile and then “Add Photo”.  Load from library or use camera.  

How do I see what my Profile looks like to other people?  

Browse to Profile, select the Settings gear in the upper right hand corner. Select “Edit Profile” and then “View my public profile.”   

How do I edit my Career Experience?  

Browse to Profile, select the Settings gear in the upper right hand corner. Select “Edit Profile” and then scroll down to edit “Career Experience.”   

How do I update my Story?  

You can update your Story at any time by browsing to Profile, selecting the Settings gear and then Edit Profile.  You can select Edit Story to update your story.  

How do I set my preference for a mentor in my time zone?  

Browse to Profile and then select to the Settings gear in the upper right hand corner to Edit Profile.  Scroll down to Mentorship Discovery and set your Time zone and preferences for “Same Time zone.”  

Data Privacy and Security  

What information can my employer see about me?  

Tribute provides an Analytics Dashboard to organizations to monitor their mentorship program, and aggregate activity reports.   Your employer can access the following data per User in their Dashboard:  

  • Your Name and Member ID  

  • Your Login Email Address  

  • Account Status (Active/ Inactive) 

  • Mentorship Activity

  • Mentorship History

  • Survey Evaluations

  • Your Mentor Attributes

Your employer cannot the see the content of your individual messages during mentorship engagements, written feedback provided privately to your mentor, or your Life Experiences.  Any information provided in your public profile should be considered accessible by your employer.  

What do I do if someone is harassing me on the app?  

Contact your program administrator immediately.  Users who are misusing the app, or acting inappropriately will be reprimanded and removed from the app from your organization.  

How is my data being used in the app?   

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.