Joanie Parsons
PR and MARKETING Advisor


Joanie's interest in the mind, body, spirit connection started in her early 20s. Ever a seeker of knowledge about the spirit of life, she explores through various modalities, nature, fitness and travel.

Influenced by her mother's interest in women's empowerment, she is intrigued by what happens when women get together to find their true selves through conversation and connection.

Joanie travels extensively to hike mountains, explore and push her own personal physical and mental strength. Her work with Leatherback turtles in Costa Rica mirrors her belief that we are connected to everything and everyone.

Joanie is the founder of Parsons + Co, a strategic communications firm dedicated to sustainable lifestyle clients. She is also a co-founding partner in trücup low-acid coffee. In 2017, she co-founded GrapeVine, CRUSH and Revel Retreats, all aimed at providing a place for women to learn, connect and participate in life changing retreats – together!