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Team Tribute is made up of business leaders, strategists, entrepreneurs, marketers, designers and more. What brings us together is our shared mission and vision for improving the mentorship experience—for both employers and employees—using the transformative power of personal stories and Shared Life Experiences™ to create authentic connection.



We believe stories inspire action.  

We’re on a mission is to redefine mentorship using the transformative power of personal stories and Shared Life Experiences™ to build better leaders, teams and companies. To help make this happen, we’re committed to the following values:



We help employees bring their most authentic selves to work by valuing and sharing their personal stories and experiences. For employers, this celebrates diversity and creates a dynamic culture of inclusion and belonging.

We believe stories inspire action and everyone’s story matters. We’ve built a platform that goes beyond the traditional, top-down structure of most programs and makes mentorship available for everyone.


Mentorship is all about connection. We facilitate that bond by combining modern technology with the ancient art of storytelling. This creates an empowering mentorship experience that people want to participate in and will stick with.

We’re not afraid to push the needle. The future of work will look radically different than today. We’re redefining mentorship for a future based on connection, inclusion and empowerment.


We take personal safety and data privacy seriously. That’s why we put employees in control of the data they share with their employer. For employers, we provide a safe space for employees to gather, share and learn from one another.

We keep it simple. For employers, this means saving time and money and being free from the setup and maintenance hassles of most mentorship programs. Participants enjoy an easy-to-use app that keeps them connected and committed.


Our Partners

The Partners Powering Tribute


Tribute’s digital execution is powered by Teknikos. An expert team of strategists, designers, and developers deliver on Tribute's vision to facilitate meaningful connection through an accessible, safe, and intuitive digital experience.

Parsons + Co. advises Tribute’s presence in the public sphere. This team of experienced PR pros help refine and deliver Tribute’s message and mission through enhancing brand strategy and seeking out the most impactful community and media opportunities.