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A better mentorship experience.

Tribute is a workplace mentorship app that radically redefines and improves mentorship for your company—and your employees.

Simple to use and easy to launch, Tribute manages your entire mentorship program, so you save time and money, and are freed from most of the organization and maintenance.

Tribute delivers multiple modalities for mentorship including 1:1 engagements, mentor circles and community networks, so your employees enjoy a program tailored to their individual needs and interests. The result is a mentorship experience that employees want to participate in that provides long-term engagement, connection and success.

Tribute also helps you showcase and track company diversity and inclusion initiatives by measuring employee engagement, retention and satisfaction.

Better for you, better for your employees, Tribute is redefining mentorship.


The case for modern mentorship

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The Tribute difference

Creating community and connection.

Traditional mentorship programs are often based on little more than job titles and corporate credentials. The result can be impersonal programs that don’t meet participants needs, generate little enthusiasm and have high dropout rates.

Tribute is a completely different kind of mentorship program that uses the transformative power of stories to create authentic connection, lasting relationships and professional growth, for both mentor and mentee.

When we share our life stories and experiences we create understanding and community that leads to a more inclusive workplace. We’re more open to diverse perspectives and create teams that reflect the world around us. Tribute helps professionals develop their leadership capacity by narrating their life story and using their experiences to empower others and build better mentorship outcomes.

Tribute is redefining mentorship. Will you join us?


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