How It WOrks

Tribute is simple.

We connect your employees in a simple to use enterprise mobile app that you can easily roll out to your workforce with zero to light-touch IT.  

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Connect your workforce.

Extend your reach beyond your corporate headquarters to connect your workforce through a flexible, on-demand app. Tribute offers something for everyone, from informal learning to mentor circles and 1:1 mentor matching.


Simplify your process.

Delivered through a mobile-app, Tribute is easy to deploy and saves time and money by automating the manual work of assigning mentors and mentor circles. Tribute manages mentorship engagements end-to-end, so you and your employees don’t have to.

How it works simplify.png
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See the impact.

Show return on investment (ROI) for your company sponsored mentorship program, while accelerating diversity and inclusion initiatives by measuring employee engagement, retention and satisfaction. Tribute provides the information you need at your fingertips to demonstrate results.


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